Dave Calabrese

After nearly a decade in radio as an on-air host and music director, Dave Calabrese 
made the move to television production
 during the cable TV boom of the 1980’s, serving as production manager of Valley
 Cable Vision in Seymour, Conn., and later Sound Concepts, Inc.

In the 1990’s, Dave returned to his
 “roots,” becoming executive producer
 of CRN International (a hybrid advertising
 agency focused on radio advertising and 
unique consumer promotions) and began honing 
his skills as a professional voice-over artist.

By the start of the new millennium, Dave’s renown was such that he was able to step out of the corporate structure and begin a career as a full-time freelance voice-over artist. Today, Dave considers himself one of the lucky ones who have been given the opportunity to work successfully in this unique corner of the business.

Dave currently provides voice-over talent for a growing list of
 Fortune 500 corporations and advertisers. His in-depth knowledge of video and audio production, ability to take direction and his warm, friendly
 voice-over style allow Dave to book a wide range of projects – including commercial and promos, documentaries, corporate and medical presentations, armed services programming, e-learning and children’s audio books. 

Dave, I have to tell you that you always make my workday go so much easier. I appreciate your intense level of customer service!

Jennifer Sim | Curriculum Manager at GP Strategies Corp.

Getting this to me while on your vacation falls into the above and beyond category BIG time! I greatly appreciate it.

Lori Murphy | Producer at Comcast Video Productions and Services

Thanks very much for getting the files to us so quickly. They sound great, and I agree with Steve, your ability to make this complex material sound clear and concise is a great talent indeed.

Domenic Gataletto | Editor/Producer at Creative Media Productions