Doug Harris

Doug Harris is a professional “idea wrangler” who serves as a consultant, project director, coach, motivator, speaker, trainer and creative catalyst for a variety of advertising agencies, philanthropies, organizations and entrepreneurs across the globe.

A native Texan and a 1976 graduate of Houston Baptist University, Harris entered the marketing profession in 1983 and has been working his special magic around the world for over 30 years. He now enjoys an elite position in the consumer promotions community, with an international reputation for innovative, clutter-busting marketing campaigns for an unusual portfolio of clients.

A former Billboard Magazine Marketing Director of the Year and a cutting-edge creative director during his agency years at CRN International in Connecticut, Harris has provided creative input on campaigns for an impressive lineup of Fortune 500 companies, including M&M/Mars, Chrysler, Kraft-General Foods, Nestle, Lipton and Pilot Pen. He has used Larry Hagman to sell hockey tickets, country singer Terri Clark to sell ammunition and Beethoven to sell chicken-fried steaks. 

Doug Harris' practice of doing things before his competitors and his proven ability to out think, rather than outspend them have earned him the respect of marketing professionals around the world. In the last decade, he has addressed marketing groups in twenty-six countries on five continents.  His professional accolades include numerous ADDY's, three Promax Gold Medallion Awards for Marketing Excellence, a listing in WHO's WHO IN ENTERTAINMENT and induction into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

In 2003, Doug Harris commemorated his 20th year in marketing and promotion by giving the opening address at the National Association of Broadcasters-Europe in London. In November 2005, Harris once again addressed Europe’s top broadcasters at the opening session of the NAB-Europe in Athens.  It was his eighth consecutive appearance for that group in as many years. On the heels of 2009 speaking dates in Toronto, Bucharest, Nuremberg and Zagreb, Harris made his fifth appearance in Denmark in February of 2010. In 2013, Doug Harris made his fifth appearance at Canadian Music Week and his second for broadcasters and advertisers in New Zealand. 

Earning a Place in the Consumer's Memory

September 11th. Wartime coverage on CNN. Weather disasters. The Boston bombings. Has the public seen and heard EVERYTHING? How does a contemporary marketer capture the interest of today's consumers, and keep their attention long enough to sell them? With a respectful nod to Ries and Trout, Doug Harris explores the dynamics of getting attention in today's marketplace while delivering a compelling advertising message. Learn about the SOFA-SHRIMPS Theory of inspiring the public from the guy who gave away a breast augmentation operation as a sweepstakes prize, rented the Astrodome for a charity softball game, claimed Haley's Comet as Texas sovereign territory and once convinced a radio listener to legally change his name to Obi Wan Kenobi.

Managing a Creative Workplace: The Boss, the Talent and the Nature of Both!

There’s no escaping the fact that creative people are “wired a little differently” and if your workplace is managed by left-brained thinkers but is dependent on the output of right-brained thinkers every day can be a challenge (especially if you haven’t identified who’s who!). Doug  has worked side by side with radio and TV personalities, artists, designers, rock stars and other creative folks to generate award-wining results that made headlines AND money.  He knows how to get top performance from both the dreamers and the do-ers and he shares his secrets in this eye-opening session designed to make managers and their creative times a potent force.

Get Me Doug Harris: The Ultimate Creative Workshop

Using interchangeable communications pods and exercises, this hands-on workshop can be customized to become a half day or a full day seminar and is designed to tackle specific idea-generating needs for a company, office or team. You create the hit list of scenarios and challenges, and Harris leads your staff to the “discovery” of ideas in which they will have personal “ideation equity.” Treat yourself to the session that Doug once delivered under a cover of secrecy to the staff of a royal family with a lineage that spans centuries. And no, we can’t tell you who it was. But he might show you his passport stamp.

How to Steal Your Next Idea

No matter the size of the company, the office, or the team, it seems that someone is always dipping into the idea pool for The Big One. During this laboratory style examination of the "science" of creativity, a former broadcast promotions director turned agency creative director turned idea wrangler shares his proven methods for stimulating creative thought in individuals and organizations. With a dose of escapism and a touch of music therapy, Doug will explain the two founding principles of creativity, present an amazingly simple four step process for generating ideas and dozens of tips on how you can ignite your creative spark TODAY. And as a bonus, Doug will reveal his favorite resources for stealing ideas.

Start with a Happy Shirt: 33 Tips for Creative Arousal

Is creativity a gift? Are creative people simply "born that way" or can people be "trained" to be creative? Doug Harris believes that everyone possesses creative muscles, and he's come up with a list of 33 ways to exercise those muscles. Using a combination of "release" and "inspiration" as the foundation for his presentation, Harris offers a list of free information resources, provides tips on integrating creative time into your daily schedule, and suggests ways to turn any office into a supportive and creative environment. He'll also tackle creativity-busters like procrastination, limited budgets and the demands of bosses and clients while sharing his secret way to "escape" from pressure without leaving the office.

Trendspotting for Fun and Profit

Keeping your finger at the pulse of global culture is a daunting task, but business people looking to move consumers to action should keep their eyes and ears open. But where to look? What to read? Who to watch? Doug Harris has spent his entire career observing, identifying and occasionally predicting consumer behavior and in this fun-filled session he shares his techniques for staying in touch and in the know.

Once again Doug Harris has captivated the masses, this time in Prague where he spoke at Promax/BDA, Europe's highly popular annual event. Doug continues to be the leader in inspirational and creative thought processes - something we all badly need in TV -- and his two sessions were the top rated presentations of our conference!

Vanessa Sheldrick | Promax Europe 2009

When was the last time you took part in a presentation that was both fun AND educational? For me it was Saturday, May 06, 2006, in Calgary, Alberta. That was the day Doug Harris addressed our group of Standard Radio Writers and Producers and blew everyone away with his insight, energy and enthusiasm. No smoke and mirrors, Doug is the real deal, this is stuff I can USE!!!

John Masecar | Standard Radio, Canada

Doug had the place buzzing for weeks afterwards. If your company needs its employees to be creative in any way at all, you simply must find a way to put Doug Harris in front of them.

Charley Holland | creative services manager for FOXTEL AUSTRALIA

Doug is one of the best speakers we have ever worked with. According to Indiana Broadcasters that attended his session... bring Doug Harris back. The sessions were outstanding.

Gwen Piening | Indiana Broadcasters Association

We would like to thank you for your professional approach and fine collaboration which contributed to the success of VAR's creative seminar. And we are convinced that all our 'brothers and sisters' have been divinely inspired by your presentation last week. For that matter, we already received very positive reactions from our customers.

Anny Wuyts and Thierry Van Zeebroeck | VAR, Brussels

Thank you for bringing so much inspiration to our department. Everyone found your seminars fun, imaginative and applicable to the way we do our business. And as you could see we have a very creative group to begin with so it speaks volumes when I say that you motivated and inspired them.

Michelle Allario | The Cartoon Network

Doug Harris walks into a room and the creativity starts flowing. His powerful presentations at our annual Geller Media International Producer's Workshop get everyone inspired. The feedback from attendees is 100% positive. Doug stimulates broadcasters to create opportunities, and he applies to radio what Madison Avenue has known for years - BRAND your product so that people remember it. Doug offers lots of practical examples, but more importantly, he stimulates and encourages the imagination.

Valerie Geller | Geller Media International, New York

Doug Harris is a very talked about name in the Danish radio business. I invited Doug to give 100 Danish radio people a creative injection and he did. It was fun, inspiring, enthusiastic and deadly serious. Please come back again.

Kent Kordt | Viborg Guld, Denmark

Doug Harris had a high impact on this team. Not only did he talk about the creative tools you need to use to boost creativity, he also did it in a creative manner your team won't forget. He makes people want to be creative and able to generate ideas. Even the most negative person will try to be creative after participating in one of Doug's sessions.

Antonio Mendes | RFM Radio, Portugal

Doug Harris' contribution to PROMAX UK was immeasurable. He produced the most talked-about session of the conference, which he then followed up with a dynamic workshop that left the attendees buzzing to get back to work, and start truly unleashing their creative souls.

John Golley | The BBC, London

Whenever a meeting planner hires someone they’ve not hired before -- even though they may have seen the presenters in action at another venue -- there is a fear of 'what if the act doesn’t play on this stage.'  Well, you definitely dispelled that fear in the first 10 minutes of your presentation.  I was relieved to see that unlike Sampson, when you cut your hair Doug, you didn’t loose your strength -- it was the same dynamic presentation style that I’ve seen and learned from for years. The meeting planner always wants to look like they know what they’re doing, and you made me look like a genius for bringing you in.

Bill Johnstone | president and CEO of the Oregon Association of Broadcasters