Kathryn Morrison, RN

CEO, Apostle Home Healthcare

Kathy Morrison’s adventurous life has taken her from Hollywood to Texas, introduced her to the “business end” of an ambulance, and connected her with health care professionals ranging from paramedics to physicians, from the Sisters of Mercy to the Office of the Inspector General. 

In her professional endeavors, she has cared for loved ones and neighbors, veterans and rock stars, the physically and mentally disabled, the loved, the forgotten, and the eternally hopeful.

Every day of the week, Kathy Morrison and her team at Apostle Home Health call on their training and personal experiences to provide care and comfort to the patients they serve. 

And in Kathy Morrison’s case, that connection to the care and comfort of the elderly started with her maternal grandmother, Beulah Mae Love.

Known to all as “Boots” Love. 

Kathy was of kindergarten age when her grandmother “Boots” opened, and operated “The Love Home(s)”, a series of residences which took in, and cared for, the elderly citizens of Waco, Texas.  Kathy watched as her grandmother lovingly attended to the needs of her residents while she simultaneously witnessed the gradual progression of her grandfather’s losing battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  

This was Kathy Morrison’s first introduction to America’s senior citizens, and these experiences would shape her life and career for years to come. 

With roots in Galveston County, Texas, Kathy Morrison spent her formative years on both the Island and on the Mainland. After brief stints of employment in the hospitality industry, including the ownership and operation of a catering business “startup”, Kathy stepped aside from the food and beverage world to pursue education and training in the field of health care.

Her educational endeavors led to certifications in water and rope rescue, advanced life support, and emergency, paving the way to her ultimate decision to become a Registered Nurse. 

Aided by her familiarity with the wide landscape of health care services, Kathy Morrison found herself drawn to the care of seniors, and, in particular, home healthcare. 

When President George Bush’s “Operation Restore Trust” signaled the increased vigilance and scrutiny of the home health care industry in the late 1990’s, Kathy Morrison felt compelled to further her education by working with the Office of the Inspector General. She chose to become a “Certified Compliance Office”, sworn to serve as an advocate and overseer for the elderly and the infirm. Fortified by this certification, she was able to assist in the evaluation of existing home healthcare agencies, helping to educate and promote those who were worthy. And, in the course of her duties, Kathy fairly, confidently, and capably identified fraud and abuse, which led to the closure of those engaging in dangerous and/or fraudulent practices. 

In the midst of this critically important work, Kathy Morrison became motivated by two different, but ultimately connected goals:

She wanted to return to her entrepreneurial roots, and she wanted to work full time being an advocate for the elderly.

In 2004, an opportunity presented itself that would allow her to do both.

While working in a faith-based home health and hospice environment, her co-workers, who were not only Registered Nurses, but were also Sisters of the Catholic Diocese, encouraged her to “take a leap of faith” and start her own home healthcare agency.

She took their advice. 

Because of the experience garnered through her work with the Sisters of Charity, Kathy Morrison applied for, and was granted, a license to provide home healthcare in Southeast Texas.  After converting her dining room to a home office, she launched Apostle Home Health Care, sending tribute to the nuns who had encouraged her by specifically including the importance of faith in the mission of her new agency.   Soon after, she moved to office space in Friendswood, Texas and, in 2009, an even larger space in the same area.   Today, headquartered in Friendswood’s vibrant downtown district, Apostle Home Health Care remains faithful to the service of the elderly in their own homes in five southeast Texas counties.  Apostle’s client lists have included thousands of local residents who have, throughout the years, counted on Kathy Morrison, along with, her nurses, therapists and medical advisors. 

With humble acknowledgement of the milestones in her multi-disciplined career, Kathy Morrison credits her unique perspective and skill set to her early introduction to Latin (which accelerated her comprehension of medical terminology) her exposure to life-threatening emergencies as a paramedic, and her hands on experience with medical professionals she both admired and eschewed.

Throughout her years of service, Kathy Morrison has ascribed to what she believes to be universal truths about home healthcare:

+People of all ages have a greater chance of recovery and the restoration of full lives if they remain independent in their own homes, with some support from home healthcare for medical treatment.

+By being present and available, home healthcare workers can make a difference in their patients’ lives by caring, observing, and faithfully administering responsible courses of treatment. 

+Minimizing the loneliness and sadness that often accompanies an older patient’s isolation is as critical to their overall health as is the medical treatment that they receive. 

Kathy Morrison’s approach to home healthcare is best expressed in her historical prospective on the care of the elderly.

“Our society is unlike most others with regard to our elderly,” observes the RN who founded Apostle Home Health Care.   “Historically, Americans believe in ‘parlor care’.  Whenever someone became ill, families customarily moved them to the room in the front of the home: the “parlor” room.  And for good reason. This was usually the one room in the home that provided the best view, the most light, and the easiest accessibility for visitors and healthcare providers-- in the days when medical care came to the home. This is the room where loved ones delivered their good wishes, and, at the appropriate time, paid their last respects. Our mission at Apostle Home Health Care is to faithfully apply modern care and treatment methods to this time-tested ‘parlor care’ approach.  We witness the success of this practice every day in virtually every way, and our patients, and their families, are better for it.”

And we can all thank Beulah Mae “Boots” Love, for that.