Michelle Harden

Michelle Harden, certified nonprofit consultant, has more than 15 years of branding, marketing and life coaching experience. As an energetic and passionate speaker, Michelle has dedicated her life to empowering people who have lost hope and purpose and exposing them to the love of Christ. In 2010, Michelle founded the nationally syndicated talk show “Kingdom View.” The show focuses on helping people reestablish their faith and resolution by becoming agents of change.

As a branding and marketing profession, Michelle helps her client brand themselves from the ground up by developing unique and concise logos, slogans and messaging. Michelle believes in teaching her clients to “work smarter, not harder” and adheres to her personal motto, “Whatever you do, BRAND you.”

Michelle has served as project manager for McDonald’s Stellar Awards, been instrumental in molding the careers of several gospel artists and oversaw and organized more than 40 national guests and speakers. Her projects have included Rep. Al Edwards’ Juneteenth celebration, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee’s Gospel Heritage celebration and Houston International Single for a Season conference.

Michelle is married to her childhood sweetheart, Randy. Together, they are parents to five amazing children and have three grandchildren. Michelle worships at Lakewood Church under the leadership of Pastor Joel and Victoria Osteen.

Women Empowerment

Becoming a Success Author

Overcoming Dyslexia

Building a Powerful Success Brand

Marketing that Counts -- Grassroots

Building a Winning Team

21st Century Team Building

Kingdom View -- An Agent of Change! This is a program that we all must support and keep on the air, because this definitely reflects the King’s View.

Dr. Myles Munroe | ambassador

Kingdom View is a bold move, strong venture that is sure to be a serious ADVENTURE.

Joe Ratliff | pastor

Ms. Harden is a dynamo. In my years of legal practice I have rarely had the pleasure of working for and with an individual that works as diligently toward turning visions into reality. In accomplishing the above, Ms. Harden has the rare capacity of building competent teams around her who are extremely loyal to her protocols. In the time I have had the honor of serving as her legal counsel, I have seen Michelle go from one successful project to the next and with each completed project her circle of influence increases exponentially because everyone that comes into contact with her wants to work with her again. This is a great gift and again the thought comes to mind...a rare quality to find in today's market place. Therefore as a result of the above, I highly recommend hiring Michelle Harden and/or her companies (Kingdom View Inc./Kingdom View Television Talk Show) for any of your marketing, promotional and/or media campaigns.

Leslie Cross | attorney at The Cross Firm

Michelle is very energetic and business minded and quite the entrepreneur. She is very knowledgeable in business and willing to help others. I have no doubt that her Kingdom View Talk Show will be a success.

Ann Harris | wife of former NBA coach Dale Harris