Nicholas Connors

Every great vocalist has a song they make their own and for naturally talented, 13 year old Nicholas Connors that song is our national anthem. His interpretation and voice are stunning. Taking inattentive audiences from waiting on the main attraction straight to a standing ovation. If you’re looking for a way to have your audience on their feet, from the very start of your event then look no further. Just ask anyone who saw Nicholas sing our national anthem, on national and worldwide television for the Houston Astros ALDS series last Fall and a shot at the World Series. You’ll have several million people to choose from.
Nicholas is available by request and contingent upon his school and family schedule. He will be accompanied by his mother on all occasions. Her travel costs as well as Nicholas will need to be addressed with each request. Additional songs for Nicholas’s appearances include “America the Beautiful”. Requests will be considered on a song by song basis.