Rick Gillis

As employee number one with the first job board serving the greater Houston market in the 1990's Rick Gillis was exposed to the amazing disconnect that was (and continues to be) contemporary job search.

First came public speaking

State agencies, professional associations, networking groups and job search ministries immediately began calling asking for someone to explain how job seekers should employ (pun intended) this new job board. Rick took the call and before long was speaking to larger and larger groups.

Then writing and talk radio

Rick's first book "Really Useful Job Search Tactics" was published in 2007 and followed by "The Real Secret to Finding a Job? Make Me Money or Save Me Money!" and the college eBook "Make Me Money or Save Me Money!" Along the way Rick hosted Rick Gillis Employment Radio heard in Houston and Dallas.

To being quoted and noted

Rick has been heard on NPR, PBS as well as on radio stations from coast to coast across the U.S., in Canada and even Australia! Rick has been quoted and noted in the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider.com, BlackEnterprise.com, the Houston Chronicle, Chron.com, Forbes.com, San Francisco.com, USATodayEducate.com, DallasNews.com, HerCampus.com and many more. TV appearances include PBS, KHOU-CBS, KRIV-Fox as well as hosting an award-winning five-part series: "HCC Partners for Jobs: Re-Train, Re-Invent and Reenter." Currently Rick hosts "Get a Job" for HCC-TV, provides on-air job search tips for Houston KROI 92FM and is a contributing writer for Salary.com.


Rick Gillis presents to corporations, colleges and professional associations nationally. His presentations are intense, fast-paced and take-no-prisoners/accept-no-whiners powerful.

Rick provides common sense, highly actionable information every time he speaks. From one hour thought-provoking sessions to one- and two-day highly informational hands-on workshops, he has helped thousands land their next position. From newly-minted college graduates to experienced skilled tradespeopleto the C-Suite, his methods and program have prepared the motivated job seeker with the tools to land the best position at the highest possible pay.

"Secure Your Career"

Rick's "Secure Your Career" presentation has become a hit on the speaking circuit. Who knew so many people were interested not just in job search but also in how to keep their jobs? This one-hour presentation focuses on how an employee -- from entry-level to CEO -- must be able to express to their supervisor (or board of directors) how they continuously bring value to the organization on a daily basis! This highly motivational, practical career-changing/life-changing information is packaged and presented in such a manner that the attendee 'gets it' the first time.

One- and two-day events

Rick hosts one-day events for groups as small as 15 and as large as....

The information presented in the one- and two-day events is virtually the same. The difference is that in the two-day presentation Rick spends approximately two-thirds of each day teaching the "Really Useful Job Search" concepts with afternoons dedicated to one-on-one focused attention on concerns individual attendees may have while the entire group looks on and contributes. This accommodation is truly appreciated by those with specific issues and concerns.

Rick is a true expert in his profession, as his knowledge of both job search and career development is easily among the most impressive I have ever come across. Anyone seeking employment or looking to further solidify their professional career would do very well to learn from Rick Gillis.

Dustin M. | financial networking group manager

My first experience with Mr. Rick Gillis could not have been better. His personality and high energy delivery, when combined with his direct and proven facts on how to present your accomplishments, are a welcome response to both parties in a hiring transaction. If you are a seeker, follow his methods to stand out in the crowd. If you are a hiring professional, Rick can save you thousands of dollars in the hiring process.

Kevin M. | career coach

After your presentation, I composed my short form resume that you subsequently reviewed. I used that resume to apply for a job online with a large company here in Houston that day (July 11th). I received a phone call from them on July 18th to schedule an in-person interview (short - similar to phone interview). They both commented on how they liked the resume format. It was short and to the point. Before I left, I had been invited to another in-person interview at their R&D center covering a whole day. That will happen next week. Just thought you might like to know. Even if I don't get the job, I appreciate your guidance as I firmly believe I received the interview based on the resume.

Eric S | Ph.D.

I'm just stunned (by) the facts (in) your book. It's disheartening to see the number of resumes eliminated based off of the formatting of the resume alone. It definitely makes sense to me now knowing these facts as to why I haven't received any phone calls. It's a fantastic and eye-opening read! "I'm also stunned that I was not warned of this in college.

Kyle C. | recent college graduate

I just finished reading your manuscript, it is fantastic. I wish that the military included this information in the Transition Assistance Programs for us as we exit the military. I really liked how the book was very easy to read and how you can put it right next to you as you develop your opportunity-seeking deliverables.

Ron D. | retired, United State Air Force

As a recent college graduate Rick was able to guide and provide me with the tools to overcome the hurdles of a job market in recession. Prior to working with Rick I had not received any responses from potential employers despite my time consuming efforts. Within two months of working with Rick I had many quality interviews and now have a position I enjoy with a large corporation. This would not have been possible without Rick's expertise.

Jason K.

I just wanted you to know that I sent the book you recommended (JOB!) to Gail and she got it on Wednesday. She had read half of it and was very excited about it. During our conversation these are the words she used to describe the book: incredible, amazing, special, fabulous, and different. Gail said she had perused everything "job search" [on the Internet] and Rick Gillis had so much more to offer. 


My husband was laid off last Thursday and used your techniques to revise his resume the same day.  He contacted recruiters and responded to several openings using customized key words and received immediate positive responses.  A couple of people called minutes later!  Less than 1 week after the reduction in force, he has 3 interviews scheduled and several other promising opportunities. You helped me 3 years ago and you're helping our family again.  We'll definitely recommend your book to his colleagues who also lost their jobs.  As always, I highly recommend you to serious job seekers who are ready for results!"