Stephanie D. McKenzie

Award-winning marketer, college educator, certified coach and three-time author, Stephanie D. McKenzie, MBA, CPC, CRC (AKA "Coach Steph") melds her professional expertise and passion for relationships, by using business and marketing strategies to make relationships work.

Her second book, "The Business of Dating" (available on, focuses on using traditional business and marketing strategies from SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) and even Human Resources Management to provide a guide to help college-age young adults, adult singles and couples achieve the life and love that they deserve!

Coach Steph empowers her audience to use rational, goal-oriented thinking to lay the foundation for healthy relationships, instead of being victims to their fleeting and flighty emotions.  Her tools allow her audience to focus on vetting their suitors in an effort to say bye-bye to bad relationships and hello to great ones (when the time is right).

She is currently coaching director for The Relationship Firm, a coaching and consulting practice in Houston.

Coach Steph “edu-tains” small and large groups of both males and females with a straightforward, yet charmingly conversational, delivery style designed to give each attendee a fresh understanding of how to move from “emotional janitors” to “hiring managers,” using caveats from "The Business of Dating."

In addition to “The Business of Dating” she speaks on a wide variety of relationship focused topics, including but not limited to:

College Market

  • 111+Things EVERY College Student Should Know … (Great for Orientation programs)
  • Cyber-Savvy: Facebook is Forever!
  • Dating Violence Prevention
  • The Price of a Hook-Up ... Seriously (College Administration and Student Editions)
  • The Business of Dating-College Edition
  • The Town Hall Meeting on Relationships (Hosted by Coach Steph)

Adult Market

  • How-To Break-Up
  • The Communication Situation
  • Family Matters
  • Five-Minute Dating
  • Overcoming the “Great Depression” (Post Break-up Workshop)
  • Second Wind (Dating Past 50 years of age)
  • The Business of Dating

Coach Stephanie D. McKenzie was one of the most entertaining, enlightening and engaging speakers Grinnell [College] has ever seen! She addressed issues that were important to Grinnell by openly and honestly discussing sexual misconduct, first dates, loving yourself first and when to 'let go' of a bad situation. We were thrilled to be able to bring Coach Stephanie and truly believe other college campuses could benefit from her amazing attitude and vast amount of knowledge. Thank you Coach Stephanie!

Chloe Griffen | SGA event coordinator, Grinnell College

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Coach Steph on our special “Spring Clean Your Love Life” teleclass. Her ideas about how to clear out relics from old relationships from various aspects of one's life(from finances to physical space to the heart / mind, and beyond) were both insightful and actionable -and undoubtedly effective for any of the participants who put them to use.

Lori Lewis | senior manager of new products, eHarmony

I was privileged to witness her gift as a motivational speaker at the Southwest College Academic Conference (sponsored by the Guided Studies department). Her presentation was extremely informative, motivating, energetic, and inspiring as she took command of the stage in an easy-going manner which captured and held the attention of our young people.

Cathy Douse-Harris | Guided Studies, Houston Community College