Terms & Policies

The following information details our policies and terms for booking and payment.

+The fees quoted for speakers INCLUDE any commissions due to Ovation Speakers and Talent.

+A booking will not be confirmed until a non-refundable deposit equal to 50 percent of the agreed upon fee has been received along with a fully executed contract.

+Travel expenses are the responsibility of the company, group or organization booking the speaker (“The Client”). Unless otherwise noted our Speakers should be provided round-trip, coach class airline tickets departing from the airport of their preference on non-stop flights where available. For any flight segment over five (5) hours, our Speakers will be extended the courtesy of Business Class airfare.

*While traveling, our Speakers should be housed in licensed, commercial lodging with single occupancy.  The hotel must have Internet connectivity and a restaurant or be near a dining establishment other than “quick serve” restaurants that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A minimum 3.5 star rating for the hotel should be The Client’s guideline.

+The Client is responsible for The Speaker’s transportation to and from the airport in the departure city, transportation to and from the airport in the city of the engagement, transportation to and from the engagement venue and all other meetings or gatherings related to the engagement. Our Speakers may be transported in licensed taxis or livery vehicles, with the Client assuming financial responsibility, or in insured private cars driven by licensed, insured drivers over the age of 25. If The Speaker is renting a car, The Client will pay for all charges, including minimum daily insurance.  If the Speaker is driving in his or her own vehicle, the Client will pay an allowance of $0.50 USD per mile. 

+The full responsibilities of The Speaker, including all scheduled gatherings and presentations, must be disclosed before the contract is executed. Additions to The Speaker’s schedule by The Client after this time may result in additional fees and travel courtesies.

+Ovation Speakers may be entitled to additional per diems based on the nature of the engagement, its distance from an airport city and the length of the travel required. Such per diems customarily range from $75 to $150 USD per day.

+With the approval of each individual Speaker, The Client may opt for a bundled travel allowance from which the speaker may personally book and assume responsibility for all of his or her travel and expenses (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, portage, Internet service, etc.).

+Before the fees for the speaking engagement are discussed and the booking confirmed, Ovation will provide a list of The Speaker’s audio/visual needs, which shall be the sole responsibility of The Client. Ovation recommends the use of a reputable provider of audio/visual equipment and the availability of extra batteries for all wireless microphones.  The Speaker’s requirements for the room setup will also be provided (e.g., classroom setup, need for a podium, etc.).

+The sale of books, tapes, DVDs and other materials by The Speaker at the engagement will be approved by the client before the execution of an agreement. The Client shall not participate in the revenues from these sales.

+The right to photograph, record or video tape The Speaker’s engagement must be cleared in advance of the booking, with full disclosure of the intended use of these items by The Client.

+Specific warranties with regard to cancellations by either party and the penalties associated with these actions will be discussed on a case by case basis and detailed in the engagement contract.